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How Ponyride and Crowdsourcing Are Helping to Reinvent Detroit

When people talk about Detroit, the topic of foreclosures is sure to come up. In the city, block after block features boarded up homes and empty storefronts. One organization, Ponyride, saw this crisis and wondered if it was possible to turn those foreclosures into the birth of a new dream.

Ponyride is a collaborative team that buys cheap warehouse and commercial space, cleans it up and rents it at inexpensive rates to local artists and entrepreneurs. Established in 2012, Ponyride has brought together businesses, artists and organizations in order to foster relationships and encourage the sharing of resources and support needed to rebuild Detroit from the inside out. As of 2014, Ponyride is home to 25 businesses which employ around 75 Detroit natives.

In 2014, Ponyride has already set some high goals. They are kicking off the year with a Crowdsourcing campaign to help them buy more place to accommodate more than 40 more businesses and organizations who are ready to join Ponyride in a new shared office space. The collaboration between Ponyride and the Crowdsourcing platform does more than simply generate interest in helping Detroit, it literally gives the Power to the People, making it possible for the smallest donation to contribute directly to the resurrection of one of the greatest and most influential cities in American history.

The companies, organizations and board members of Ponyride know that Detroit has what it takes to make itself great again. Their Crowdsourcing campaign underlines that commitment and belief in the city and offers fellow Detroit citizens the opportunity to see that the rest of the world supports them as well. As donations come in from every corner of the globe, those dollars are votes of confidence and supply a boost many people in the city need.

Ponyride met their Crowdsourcing campaign goal in January of 2014 and the new shared space is slated to be opened as soon as the final renovations are completed. The residents, small business owners and local artisans believe Detroit can still be a place where dreams can be born, goals can be reached, and futures can be brighter… And Ponyride facilitates this.
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